Burdinola achieves its objectives during Laborama Expo On March 15 and 16 we participated in Laborama Expo, the annual fair for laboratory professionals held in Belgium

Laborama Expo brings together a whole host of suppliers for every laboratory need, going from analytical equipment, software and lab furniture to consumables, chemicals and many more. It constitutes a benchmark event for the sector and extends its influence to adjoining geographic areas, being an opportunity to generate new synergies in the Benelux markets.

For Burdinola Benelux – the latest subsidiary created by Burdinola together with the Belgian firm GPM (Global Project Management) –  this exhibition represents an important opportunity to strengthen ties with leading agents in the sector.

Burdinola has had a large booth designed to cover all aspects of its activity, showing visitors its capabilities, its range of solutions and its technological specialization. All this has led the company to create laboratories around the world adapted to the most complex and demanding needs.

The global balance has been positive and has allowed the team to know the local reality more closely and to catch up on new projects in the area.

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