Burdinola celebrates 40 years as global benchmark in laboratory equipment projects In order to conmemorate the 40th anniversary, numerous activities have been scheduled for this year

Under the philosophy " We create the safest and most efficient laboratories in the world where researchers enjoy working towards a better society", Burdinola continues working to help his clients, the scientific community and the society in general to progress and make the science move forward.

In order to thank all customers for their confidence and loyalty showed since its creation in 04/13/1978, and starting with the acts for the 40th anniversary, Burdinola has recently launched the commemorative logo.

Burdinola is nowadays a project company focused on the attraction of large projects, where flexibility and closeness to the client are key factors. We are committed to the long-term relationships with our clients. This idea is also enhanced by our cooperative nature where benefits are reinvested in our organization itself.

Thus, the differentiation of Burdinola is based on its commitment to the safety of facilities and professional users. This is our main hallmark. We maintain our ongoing commitment not to reduce the quality of our products, while improving their safety.  We pay attention to the user and their needs. We are continuously innovating  in terms of safety and energy efficiency.

In this particularly complicated context of the sector, in a background of continuing stagnation in Spanish market and the lack of solvency of different companies, one of the main values of Burdinola is its healthy financial situation, with positive results in the past year, which contributes an important plus of confidence and strength to the brand.

In addition, the recent analysis of the surveys carried out by Burdinola during the past year yields a data that summarizes the effort made daily by the entire organization: 100% of our customers would recommend Burdinola.  

With the launching of the commemorative logo, Burdinola begins the different events scheduled for the 40th anniversary.

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