Burdinola candidate for the Vodafone Deia Innovation Awards 2018 Innobasque awards innovation promoted by companies in an event that will take place on October 3 in the auditorium of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

In recognition of the innovation actions that Burdinola has carried out during the last 3 years, INNOBASQUE has selected us as a candidate to win one of the prizes, promoted by DEIA in collaboration with VODAFONE.

In order to contribute to the increase in the number of innovative organizations in Euskadi,  Innobasque rewards two partners. Thus, through the Vodafone Deia Innovation Sariak, it will grant two Basque organizations,  to recognize the technological and non-technological innovation of two Basque business organizations that are members of the Basque Innovation Agency.

Innobasque, Basque Innovation Agency, has nominated a total of 21 companies, which have stood out for their high profile of innovation.

Among the finalists are A&B Laboratorios de Biotecnología; Abantail; Alecop; Aurman; Burdinola; Construcciones Mecánicas José Lazpiur; Dimensión Marketing Directo; Estudios Durero; Fresmak; HRE Hidraulic; Industrias LAIP; Informática 68; Integrated Technology Systems; Irontec; Odei; Plásticos Clossa; Roxall; Serikat Consultoría e Informática; Software & Maintenance; Torraval Cooling y Urola.

Attending the delivery ceremony of the Vodafone Deia Innovation Sariak, there will be representatives of the Basque business world, of Basque enterprises, responsible for agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and the Basque public administrations.

Images Vodafone Deia Innovation Sariak 2018 Innobasque sariak

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