Recommended by 100% of our customers We consider customer satisfaction surveys as a fundamental tool to measure the degree of fulfillment of their expectations

Customer satisfaction research is one of the key issues of our management system, as part of our ongoing effort to improve our service. For a long time, we have followed a methodology that allows us to measure the degree of compliance with our customer’s expectations. In addition to being a requirement of the ISO 9001 quality standard in which we are certified, through the surveys, we can test multiple aspects of our services and our offer, know our weaknesses and strengths, reflect and make decisions.

The analysis of the surveys carried out during 2017 yields a data that summarizes the effort made daily by the entire organization: 100% of our customers would recommend us
This simple statement reflects the satisfaction of our customers with the work that Burdinola develops in different areas; from consultancy, engineering, installation, training and commisioning, to after-sales service; including the manufacturing of lab furniture and fume cupboards.

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