23 Septembre 2020

Burdinola launches its Nano Chamber, a global innovation

As a company at the forefront of the sector, Burdinola is constantly innovating. After almost 4 years of research and development work, we launched the first chamber tested to work with nanoparticles onto the market, thereby ensuring maximum safety for both the user and the sample.

3D image of the Nano Chamber

The Nano Chamber is the result of our commitment to innovation, safety and efficiency. It is the only equipment on the market specifically developed for working with nanoparticles. Nanotechnology encompasses a very wide range of materials, manufacturing processes and technologies that are used to create and improve many everyday products. Nanotechnology also holds great promise for transforming medicine and healthcare.

Nanotechnology and the handling of nanomaterials in the workplace is identified as one of the main emerging risks today. To date, work in the field of nanosafety has mainly focused on the toxicity of nanoparticles, but less on the risks that nanoparticles pose to researchers and users working in

the sector.

Therefore, Burdinola has developed the Nano Chamber, the first Nano Chamber on the market designed to safely handle and weigh nanomaterials, with the aim of ensuring that the most common operations when handling nanomaterials can be carried out with maximum safety for both the user and the sample, taking into account the specific measures required for this purpose.

Currently, there are solutions on the market such as weighing cabinets and biosafety cabinets that are used for handling nanomaterials, but the innovation of Burdinola's new product offers totally groundbreaking features on the market that make this product unique in the world, both in terms of safety for users and samples and in terms of functionality, creating a new product category.

Its innovative design prevents the release of nanoparticles into the laboratory environment. It also prevents dispersion, agglomeration, loss and degradation of the sample, meaning that the properties of the sample are not altered. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, which incorporates a double filtering system that operates at very low speeds, together with our patented Caresafe Curtain system, we obtain unique results in terms of containment and energy efficiency. Ergonomics are guaranteed as the guillotine can open up to 500 mm, incorporating a large interior working space. It also includes a weighing table function, making it a multifunctional device.

At Burdinola, our commitment to the safety of facilities and professional users is our main distinguishing feature. Safety is Burdinola's guiding principle throughout the entire laboratory creation process, from the preliminary studies identifying risks and designing spaces to the equipment and installations. We also adhere to high standards in terms of sustainability, customised solutions, design, efficiency, quality and integrated solutions.