05 Juin 2023

Burdinola gives a training course on Nanoprevention

The conference took place on Friday, June 2 at the Technological Campus of the UCLM in Toledo as part of the Online University Course of Specialization in NanoPrevention.

Ekaitz Olaguenaga, Director of Innovation at Burdinola, gave a presentation on protection against nanomaterials in the laboratory. This presentation was part of the technical conference on "Good preventive practices in the work with nanoparticles" with the focus on evaluation, measurement and collective protection that took place at the Technological Campus of the UCLM in Toledo. The University of Castilla-La Mancha and the University of Cantabria organized this classroom session within the Online University Course of Specialization in NanoPrevention. 

In order to ensure that the most common operations in the handling of nanomaterials can be carried out with maximum safety for both the user and the sample, Burdinola launched the Nano Chamber in 2020, the first Nano Chamber on the market for the safe handling and weighing of nanomaterials. Its innovative design prevents the release of nanoparticles into the laboratory atmosphere. It also avoids dispersion, agglomeration, loss or degradation of the sample, so that its properties are not altered. Thanks to its aerodynamic design, unique results are obtained in terms of containment and energy efficiency. 

At Burdinola, our commitment to the safety of facilities and professional users is our main hallmark. Nanotechnology holds great promise for the transformation of medicine and healthcare. And Burdinola, with the launch of this equipment, demonstrates its continued commitment to respond to one of the great emerging risks in laboratories; the handling of nanoparticles.