20 Juin 2023

Burdinola builds the new FAES FARMA laboratories

The new facilities of more than 50,000m2 are located in the Technology Park of Derio (Bizkaia) and are equipped with all the most innovative technical advances.

Faes Farma, founded in 1933, is a Spanish pharmaceutical company with an extensive international track record that researches, produces and markets pharmaceutical products and raw materials, exporting to numerous countries.  The new pharmaceutical production plant, which joins the existing one in Leioa, will have the potential to manufacture more than 100 million units of medicines, which will significantly increase its current production capacity. The planned expansion in sales will be sustained both geographically and in terms of the launch of new products in the innovation portfolio. 

Faes Farma's new state-of-the-art laboratories have a surface area of more than 3,000 m2, with two areas equipped with the most advanced technologies. The entire laboratory area has been equipped by Burdinola, both the quality control laboratories -and their corresponding gas chromatography rooms, dissolution, balances, HPLC, washing areas, storage, etc- and the microbiology laboratories. Safety is our guideline throughout the entire process of setting up the laboratories: from the preliminary study and identification of risks, the design of the spaces, the configuration of the workstations to the equipment and installation. The new laboratories have been equipped with our own designed and manufactured furniture and fume cupboards under the strictest international standards. 

The pharmaceutical sector is a highly specialised sector where laboratories have a high level of demand in all parameters and where Burdinola is consolidated as a specialist providing solutions for the complete functional integration of people, spaces, processes and equipment. At Burdinola we combine our manufacturing spirit and our project management capacity to offer the best service to our clients. Our success lies in understanding the needs of the researcher and the application of our knowledge and experience in the design of laboratories. 

The new FAES FARMA facilities are distributed as follows; on the one hand there will be a block linked to production, with laboratories, meeting rooms, offices and an assembly hall. On the other hand, a central nucleus will concentrate the strictly productive work, with the first floor dedicated to the production of solid drugs and the first floor to the production of semi-solid and liquid drugs. The third area will be dedicated to warehousing, which will have a fully robotised part. The plant is expected to be fully operational in 2024 and become a benchmark in pharmaceutical production. 

With this new project, Burdinola further consolidates its position in the pharmaceutical industry, one of the largest and most important in the world and the world leader in R&D investment.