18 Septembre 2023

Burdinola supports the Adecco Foundation's Family Plan

In this way we are facilitating the improvement of the development, autonomy and future employability of a beneficiary with a disability in the Lea - Artibai region.

Inclusion in the labour market represents one of the most important integration axes for people with disabilities and as a society, one of the great challenges to guarantee equal opportunities.

For this reason, at Burdinola, we support the Adecco Foundation's Family Plan, this programme aims to strengthen the competencies and skills of people with disabilities, through advice and appropriate guidance, so as to boost their personal autonomy and facilitate the employability of the beneficiaries. 

Thanks to our collaboration with the Adecco Foundation, we have the opportunity to guide people with disabilities to promote their autonomy, helping them to find a job that, like everyone else, allows them to be a little more independent and normalise their lives. Currently, the programme works with the beneficiary to improve their therapeutic situation and the development of their training itinerary.

In this programme, experts in disability with multidisciplinary profiles accompany the person with a disability and those who form part of their lives and are key to their development: their family.

In this way, we help people with disabilities and their families to improve their lives.

Burdinola with #EmpleoParaTodos!