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Keeping the user safe and satisfied. That’s what’s really important. Every single one of our projects starts with the user.

Image of a laboratory with fume cupboards, laboratory accessories, sinks and other elements created by Burdinola.

Burdinola carries out complete projects and studies for complex developments and installations of large laboratories where flexibility and customer proximity are crucial.

We take the most demanding international standards, processes and equipment into account in a coordinated and integrated manner. We work together with the customer, assessing and taking their needs into consideration.

We take into account the needs of the spaces in each type of laboratory and those of the people who work in them and even their way of working. We provide integrated solutions ranging from a draft project and pre-installations to the complete functional integration of people, spaces and equipment.

To this end, we incorporate the latest advances in fume cupboards, nano chambers and other equipment, safety, advanced materials, energy savings, sustainability and environmental friendliness.

  • Fume cupboards in the facilities at Graphenea, a leading graphene manufacturer
  • Fume cupboards in the facilities at Graphenea, a leading graphene manufacturer

How do we go about it?
General workflow of a project:

We provide an integrated solution through a proposal that includes the design and planning phases, and we also implement and monitor the project. An added advantage is the fact that we have our own range of products, from our own laboratory furniture to fume cupboards, nano chambers and other equipment.

Coordination & Project Management

Safe, contented end user

Safe Design

Graphic showing the general workflow of a Burdinola project with the first step (Safe Design) highlighted

We design our laboratories with the health and well-being of the people using them in mind. Risks in the laboratory can be prevented to a large extend by making sure that it is designed properly and by selecting the most appropriate workstations and equipment:

“Poorly designed laboratory or workstation layouts increase the risk of accidents and contribute to the accidental dispersal of hazardous substances.”

We have developed a laboratory design service based on excellent criteria for user safety and efficiency in terms of the customer's workflows, for which we have worked with international experts.

Thanks to our 40 years in the market and our experience in more than 6,000 laboratory projects, we have gained considerable knowledge of the key aspects of laboratory design. Indeed, we have improved and rationalised such design, thanks to the consults we have called on to provide input on laboratory typologies and critical points, the vision of the laboratory as a project, and the improvement of the design tools we use.

We now have a design process and guidelines that allow the knowledge we have acquired to permeate the entire organisation, not to mention the possibility of BIM modelling, consistent with the current product and laboratory configuration tools of Safe Design laboratories.

Key factors:

  • Interior layout: Relationship between sections: Workflows, samples and waste. Safety regulations: identification of passageways, location of fume cupboards, emergency exits.
  • Functionality. Comfort and Ergonomics.
  • Specific needs of each section: Equipment, adjoining areas for storage or other purposes.
  • Workstation appropriate to work requirements.
  • Containment areas: Point-of-emission collection.
  • Flexibility: Future expansions and/or modifications.

Layout in compliance with UNE EN 14056 and UNE EN 14175-5: Location of equipment and minimum steps to facilitate working conditions and minimise risk.

Identification of workstations with an associated risk: Assessment of working conditions and identification of appropriate preventive measures to contain the risk.

Identification of measures to prevent dispersal and propagation to the laboratory environment

Identification of workstations with unique needs associated with:

  • The specific characteristics of the procedure to be carried out
  • The specific characteristics of the teams involved
  • Characteristics associated with the flow of materials and/or people

Safe Engineering

Graphic showing the general workflow of a Burdinola project with the second step (Safe Engineering) highlighted

The Safe Engineering Service has been developed in parallel to the Safe Design Service described in the previous point. Its aim is to develop the engineering of laboratory facilities with excellent safety and energy efficiency criteria.

As a result of our experience and track record, we have the knowledge required to undertake both a laboratory design project (Safe Design) and the critical aspects that need to be considered in the associated engineering project.

In collaboration with market agents who specialise in the most complex areas that need to be tackled, Burdinola has developed a service entitled Safe Engineering, which covers all these aspects in the planning of laboratory design projects from an engineering and installation point of view.

This ranges from identifying containment needs and the compatibility of air-conditioning and ventilation systems with the application of international standards and gas detection, to the choice of the most appropriate materials and finishes for each laboratory space.

The risks to the health and safety of workers due to the presence of chemical agents in the workstation are of a very different nature and need to be addressed in a very different way, but what many of them have in common is the “concentration in the environment” risk factor, a parameter that determines the magnitude of the risk. Consequently, one of the technical objectives when planning a laboratory will be to contain any contaminating agents and prevent their dispersion into the laboratory environment.

Extracting large volumes of air and processing it is a major contribution to the operating cost of a laboratory. Therefore, the safety and comfort of the occupants should be considered as a key objective when designing a laboratory, without forgetting energy efficiency.

“Exposure to environmental conditions in laboratories must not pose a risk to the health and safety of employees”

Key factors:

  • Ventilation and removal of pollutants
  • Air conditioning
  • Gases and detection
  • Electricity
  • Plumbing and drainage

Of these, ventilation has a particular impact on the smooth running of the laboratory. The basic design principles are as follows:

  • Active areas of the laboratory. 100% outdoor air
  • Independent air-conditioning of laboratories and offices
  • Effective sweeping
  • By default, a slight underpressure in laboratories
  • Diffusion design to ensure that the air velocity is not high in the vicinity of fume cupboards, burners and scales.
  • Prevent turbulence near fume cupboards
  • Prevent backflows in the air collection system
  • Seek a balance in energy savings by integrating ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

The service that Burdinola makes available to its customers features all these aspects, thereby ensuring that they receive a laboratory that is as safe and efficient as can possibly be, in line with our mission statement.

“We carry out the safest and most efficient laboratory projects in the world, laboratories where researchers can enjoy seeing how they are making the world a better place.”


Graphic showing the general workflow of a Burdinola project with the third step (Manufacture) highlighted

As a manufacturer with more than 40 years of experience managing projects in laboratory environments, we have our own product range to meet the specific requirements of each project:

The attributes of our product range are our main competitive advantage today and why our customers trust us:

  • Safety
  • Quality and durability
  • Efficiency
  • Modularity & flexibility
  • Cleanliness and asepsis
  • Attractive design

At Burdinola we combine our manufacturing capacity and expertise in project management to provide the best possible service to our customers. Thanks to our meticulous manufacturing and design processes, at Burdinola we are able to generate workstations that are suitable for the diverse, demanding environments that science requires.

The high quality of our products, which we manufacture using only the best materials and with unbeatable strength and durability, and taking meticulous care of every last detail, stands as atestament to our pride as manufacturers.

The fact that we are manufacturers provides us with a number of benefits, such as flexibility, rapid response to the market and to our customers, total control over the quality of our products, the possibility of customisation, etc. These benefits, together with our experience and track record, have consolidated our position as market leaders.

Safety is our guiding principle throughout the entire laboratory creation process: from the preliminary study and risk identification, the design of spaces, the configuration of work stations to the fitting and installation. Of course, as manufacturers of laboratory furniture and fume cupboards, nano chambers and other equipment, these are crucial safety elements in any laboratory.


Graphic showing the general workflow of a Burdinola project with the fourth step (Installations) highlighted

We execute installations according to the specific projects carried out in the Safe Engineering phase. The scope of execution - which will be defined by the needs of the project - may include:

  • Site management
  • Interior architecture
  • Floors
  • Partitions
  • Ceilings
  • General installations
  • Air conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Electricity
  • Technical gases
  • Water
  • Plumbing
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Gas detection
  • Special rooms
  • Cold stores
  • ATEX rooms
  • Sterile or biological containment rooms

Burdinola carries out all installations in accordance with the most demanding quality standards on the market and complies with the design requirements to ensure that laboratories operate efficiently and safely.

Safe Operation

Graphic showing the general workflow of a Burdinola project with the fifth step (Safe Operation) highlighted

At Burdinola, we consider regulatory training on how to use and maintain safety equipment to be key. This includes training on the risks to which users are exposed, and on the proper use of collective safety elements, and is designed to ensure that users use equipment safely and efficiently.


Graphic showing the general workflow of a Burdinola project with the sixth step (Burdinola Service) highlighted

The safety of a laboratory depends on the suitability and condition of the equipment and facilities, which must be subject to a strict schedule of servicing and maintenance, with documented records to show that this has been carried out.

The Burdinola Service division is dedicated to strengthening the safety of laboratories through a range of specialist services that make it possible to diagnose installations and provide solutions to existing problems.

Burdinola Service