Corporate Social Responsibility

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Burdinola, S.Coop. is fully aware of the impact of its activities on society and the corporate social responsibility that this entails. That is why social, environmental and ethical issues and the needs of our stakeholders are an integral part of our strategy thereby contributing to the well-being of our environment.

Burdinola, S.Coop. is a cooperative, which means that as its members we hold a stake in the company's capital, we own the company and we form part of the company's decision-making bodies, actively participating in the company's core areas: management, decisions and results.

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Commitments and responsible practices

Burdinola, S.Coop. puts the following commitments into practice in areas defined as strategic:

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  • Building lasting relationships and delivering value
  • Establishing channels to identify future needs and opportunities for collaboration
  • Promoting the development of high-impact products and services in the laboratory field
  • Responsible use of information, ensuring confidentiality
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Workers who are partners

  • Ensuring compliance with the cooperative’s Articles of Association and Internal Regulations.
  • Transparency of information
  • Facilitating knowledge so that members can exercise their rights
  • Publishing information on a regular basis
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  • Implementing the commitments set out in our environmental policy, such as complying with legislation, preventing pollution and improving the environment.
  • Developing products under eco-design guidelines in order to reduce their environmental impact throughout their life cycle.
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  • Defining and implementing a responsible purchasing policy, ensuring transparency of information and labour rights throughout the supply chain.
  • Promoting the purchase of socially responsible products
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Unlawful conduct

  • Refraining from conduct that is contrary to the internal rules and policies of the cooperative and which may damage the image, assets or reputation of Burdinola, S.Coop.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs as part of Burdinola's business strategy

Burdinola is very aware of the crucial role that companies play in achieving global goals and consequently we have integrated SDGs and CSR into our corporate strategy. Burdinola has already implemented a number of actions and we are currently contributing actively to achieving the following SDG:

  • 3. Good health and well-being
  • 5. Gender equality
  • 8. Decent work and economic growth
  • 9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • 12. Responsible consumption and production
  • 13. Climate action
  • 15. Life on Land

At Burdinola we are well aware that the 2030 Agenda is more than just a long-term objective. It must become an integral part of the company's culture and strategy if it is to be truly consolidated, distinctive and inspiring. We are therefore in an enviable position to improve in how we manage our social impact. We see the 2030 Agenda as a great opportunity for us to commit to achieving the SDGs.

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Equality plan

Burdinola has an Equality Committee that oversees the achievement and implementation of our equality plan. Thus Burdinola can continue to implement a process that began with a diagnosis carried out by external consultants, and is aimed at achieving real gender equality between men and women.

  • We seek a balance between men and women throughout the company’s different structures in terms of presence, representation, and decision-making.
  • We are striving to integrate equality in our business management across-the-board.
  • We are a benchmark in equality both for other companies in the industry as well as in the surrounding area.

Download Equality Commitment (PDF)

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