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We create advanced scientific spaces, developed to accommodate the most demanding projects.

Burdinola technicians at work in a laboratory

Burdinola specialises in the planning, integration and installation of laboratories based on a value proposition that covers every phase of a project’s management and development. Our vision is global: not only do we integrate our own product - laboratory furniture and equipment such as fume cupboards, nano chambers and other extraction equipment- but we also handle all the associated services our customers may require.

At Burdinola our customers get the best possible service thorugh an optimal combination of our entrepreneurial spirit with our ability to manage projects. Our success lies in understanding the needs of researchers and in applying the knowledge and expertise we have gained in the design of laboratories to the strictest international standards.

Burdinola is today a project-oriented company that focuses primarily on large projects, where flexibility and working closely with the customer are key. We also have a line of business (SCPs- Short Cycle Projects) that focuses on small projects or refurbishments where swift action is of the essence. As a leading manufacturer we also offer a wide range of innovative products such as fume cupboards and chambers that allow technicians to work with nanoparticles in countries where our market presence is not well-established as yet.

  • Image of the Burdinola buildings in Amoroto
  • Image of the interior of Burdinola's factory in Amoroto

Burdinola, a history of progress,
science and safety

During more than 40 years we have completed nearly 7,000 laboratory projects in 50 countries in sectors such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, education, nutrition, research and testing, chemicals, petrochemicals, education, industry (water and energy) and healthcare.

Burdinola's skill and capacity to innovate is demonstrated by our track record since the company was first set up in 1978. This progression is the result of our commitment to constant improvement which continues to drive and motivate our entire team. Today at Burdinola we continue to work unceasingly to help our customers, the scientific community,and the society at large, to develop and boost scientific progress.

1978 Incorporation of the company in Amoroto (Bizkaia).

Early images of the Burdinola buildings in 1978

1990 Market launch of the Master-Lab System.

Innovative modular system combining design and functionality. Start of our consolidation in the domestic market.

Image of a modular laboratory in 1990

1992 Creation of specialist laboratory planning and design teams.

Plans and image of a 3D laboratory

1993 1st Burdinola Research Award

Call for the first edition of the Burdinola Research Award, which has become a benchmark among research professionals.

Presentation of awards to José Coca Prados

1994 Specialisation in complex installations and integral laboratory projects.

Gas pipes

1995 Burdinola Worldwide

Start of Burdinola's international consolidation when we began to carry out projects all over the world and open subsidiaries in different markets to be able to offer a more local service, with France at the forefront.

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Drawing of a map of the world showing Burdinola's sales offices.

2000 Market launch of the OR 21 System.

Extremely responsive in terms of design: customisation, flexibility, unlimited combinations and a high level of safety. Established as one of the world's leading technology companies.

Image of a laboratory with the OR 21 System

2010 Launch of the V21 Fume Cupboards

We are steadily moving towards a modular system of smart laboratory equipment.

Image of a laboratory with V21 Fume Cupboards

2012-13 Launch of the BECOME range

Safety, ergonomics and efficiency make it a proposal that is destined to set a new standard in laboratory equipment solutions.

Image of Become fume cupboards in a laboratory

2016 Burdinola Safer Labs

At Burdinola, what sets our value proposition apart is our commitment to the safety of our products and facilities and of the professionals who use them.

Burdinola Safer Labs logo

2017 Burdinola Service and IoT Lab technology

We created a Service division at Burdinola to provide diagnostics and maintenance services for laboratories. Given the enormous importance of device connectivity, sensorization and monitoring, Burdinola has created this IoT Lab environment.

Image of an operator in a laboratory

2017-18 International expansion

New steps in our international expansion with the opening of sales offices/subsidiaries in such countries as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Belgium (Benelux) and the strengthening of our subsidiaries in France and Dubai (Persian Gulf area).

Image of the map of the Americas highlighting countries in which Burdinola is present

2018 We have been creating the safest laboratories for 40 years

On the occasion of the company's 40th anniversary the British Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine, Sir Paul Maxime Nurse, visited Burdinola's facilities.

Nobel Prize winner for Physiology or Medicine, Sir Paul Maxime Nurse

2020 Market launch of the Nano Chamber, a global innovation

The only equipment on the market specifically developed for working with nanoparticles, with the highest safety levels for both the user and the sample.

Image of the design of the Burdinola Nano Chamber

2021 Vodafone DEIA Innovation Sariak

Burdinola received the award for Innovative SME 2021, following the results obtained in the evaluation carried out by Innobasque, based on the company's degree of progress in the following areas:

  • Innovation capacity
  • Product innovation
  • Production, distribution and information procedures
  • Administration, management and people
  • Marketing and sales
Imagen de Mikel Martinez en la entrega de premios de Vodafone DEIA Innovation Saria

2022 Market launch of our Flexible Labs philosophy

We offer this type of solution to the market with specific tested and certified products that guarantee a 100% mobile and flexible laboratory.

Market launch of our Flexible Labs philosophy

2023 Market launch of the API Chamber and reinforcement of our “Design & Build” Projects

We seek to optimize the execution of our projects and improve their quality by integrating design and construction from the initial stages of the project.
Market launch of the API Chamber, equipment focused on the pharmaceutical industry for handling API's safely and with maximum ergonomics.

Market launch of the API Chamber and reinforcement of our “Design & Build” Projects

2024 Market launch of the eFlex fume cupboards range

A new top level range that combines the concepts of efficiency, eco-design, flexibility and connectivity.

Market launch of the eFlex fume cupboards range