Our values

Our core values - driving all we envision and accomplish.

Burdinola technicians at work in a laboratory

Our position as a leading creator of advanced scientific spaces- a process requiring constant evolution, undertaken daily with a spirit of humility and of continuous improvement, thanks to the commitment and talent of our team of professionals.

At Burdinola, we take our commitment to the safety of laboratory personnel very seriously. It is our raison d'être.

Expertise and good practices have been, currently are, and will always be our foremost priority. Our ability to come this far is the result of years of extensive experience and high technical specialisation and, above all, the professionalism of a team that has always been committed to innovation and total quality.

Here at Burdinola, our business ethics are not merely values in name: they form our bedrock and are our guiding principle as professionals.

Burdinola’s values

Burdinola’s values define its nature, its operations and priorities, and are an essential part of our identity.

Picture of Burdinola's staff on its 40th anniversary
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It’s all about getting involved with the organisation, sharing Burdinola’s values and putting them into practice. It’s about being proactive and demanding the highest standards from ourselves, being consistent regarding the company’s responsibilities, and making your talent and skills available to Burdinola.

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Customer orientation

Willingness to identify the needs of internal/external customers, making those the reference point in order to achieve common objectives. It’s about working transparently and flexibly, offering a reliable, high quality and comprehensive service aimed at continuous improvement. It's also about earning customer loyalty and repeat business by demonstrating empathy, communicating with them and adapting to their needs: anticipating those needs is crucial.

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It’s about the people who make up Burdinola actively working together to achieve common goals through close, simple and direct communication, in search of consensus and joint responsibility for the commitments they make. This makes it possible to establish the conditions that will allow us to enjoy shared success through listening, trust, respect, recognition and humility.

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It’s about having an open mind, being keen to improve and adapt oneself and the organisation to developments in the global market, by anticipating present and/or future trends in relation to products/services and the way we do things in our company. It has to do with courage and leadership and being positive, enthusiastic and determined to achieve Burdinola's goals.

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It's about our attitude towards our colleagues, our work and the environment, humbleness, camaraderie, ethics and equality within a framework of minimum standards that have been established, agreed and accepted by everyone, based on respect and getting along well with others. It makes it possible to establish the basic conditions for personal growth and development.

Burdinola by @muxupotolobat

We worked on our corporate values during a 3-day project in which more than 80 professionals took part on behalf of the entire organisation. The project included a Visual Thinking session which gave rise to this visual facilitation tool that reflects our identity.

Image of a mural created in a Visual Thinking session by @muxupotolobat