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Our verification service consists of 3 levels depending on the needs of each customer:

Fume cupboard at the Novartis pharmaceutical company's facilities in Barcelona.
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The Economy service is the entry-level tariff. It is aimed at customers whose only concern is to check the operating status of their equipment, detect any fault or malfunction that prevents it from running smoothly, and for us to propose any necessary corrective maintenance actions.

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The Advanced service includes a more exhaustive analysis following the guidelines provided by current regulations and technology in order to offer a diagnosis of the status of the equipment, not only at an operational but also at safety and efficiency levels. In order to detect the cause of problems such as odours, containment breakages or other problems that may affect laboratory users, we also consider how the equipment relates to the rest of the laboratory ecosystem and we propose not only corrective actions but also evolutionary maintenance to take this equipment to an enhanced level of safety and efficiency.

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The Premium is our most complete service designed for customers who want to have their equipment in the cloud for predictive maintenance and data analysis so that they can have control not only of their equipment but also of the laboratory parameters that affect the safety of users and allow them to take actions aimed at achieving energy savings.

Rate Comparison:

Economy Advanced Premium Service levels
Inventory of equipment
Classification of equipment (according to current regulations)
Inspection and operational testing of equipment (detection of faults and malfunctions)
Inspection and operational testing of the associated installations (detection of faults and malfunctions)
Measurements of control parameters by equipment type
Control labels
Proposals for corrective operational maintenance actions
Summary of the operational status of equipment and associated installations
Inspection and verification of the equipment's safety levels (compliance with current regulations)
Inspection and verification of the equipment's efficiency levels
Suction flow analysis by smoke testing (detection of containment ruptures, odours, overpressure, etc.).
Proposed actions to improve safety and efficiency
Full report
End plane containment test (as per EN 14175-4)
Study on implementation of IoT system