for fume cupboards

Wide range of accessories for fume extraction cupboards to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Close-up of a Burdinola motorised sash for fume cupboards

Motorised sash

The motorised and automatic closure system of the fume cupboard’s sash is an automatic device that closes the sash after a certain period of time when there is no-one in the work area. Detection by means of safety light curtain.

Unlike other systems on the market, it can detect a user even when he or she remains motionless in front of the sash.

Burdinola has integrated components (motor, clutch, control and curtain detector) from leading manufacturers to develop a control application that allows these elements to work together, in accordance with point 7.3.4 of the EN 14175-2 standard and to create the new motorised sash device.

The manually controlled version can come with push buttons or a joystick to raise or lower the front sash.

When combined with the VAV flow rate control system, the motorised closure system can achieve significant energy savings.

Close-up of Burdinola’s VAV Easy control system for fume cupboards

VAV Easy control system

The EASY variable flow control depending on the sash opening is based on a variable frequency drive regulation system which controls the speed of the motor while keeping the air speed at the front of the work area within the set values.

This type of control is applicable to fume cupboards with individual ventilation installations.

The application developed by Burdinola makes it possible to control the fan that extracts the air, depending on the measurements made by the BSVA velocity sensor, instantly and precisely adjusting whichever flow rate the fume cupboard requires, based on the opening of the sash.

Close-up of Burdinola’s HAKA control system for fume cupboards

HAKA control system

Flow control systems for associated fume cupboards require a number of successive automatic adjustments.

Each fume cupboard must also have a set of associated fume cupboards and a system that controls the pressure in the common duct, which can take many forms. At the same time, each individual fume cupboard is equipped with a proportional valve and a controller. This is the system that we call HAKA.

The on-screen sensor measures speed in real time and sends the value to the controller, which will command the valve actuator to either open or close based on the reference value.

This maintains a constant speed in the work area, always within the maximum and minimum margins.

In combination with the motorised sash the VAV system can achieve energy savings of up to 75%.

Close-up of a Burdinola EO25 monitor for fume cupboards

EO25 monitor

Fume cupboards are equipped as standard with a monitoring system in accordance with the specifications of EN14175-part 2. The monitor tells the user whether or not the airflow or speed is adequate and if there is an alarm. If there is an alarm, both a visual and an audible indicator will be activated.


The monitor is equipped with different alarms that alert the user to different conditions such as: insufficient flow alarm, insufficient on-screen speed, faulty extraction motor, maximum temperature exceeded alarm, etc. The EO25 electronic system located on the right-hand side of the fume cupboard and based on a micro-controller operating at 5V provides complete, easy, and safe touch control of the electrical services in the cupboard.


The EO25 is equipped with a 2-wire MODBUS-RTU digital communication module that makes it possible to create a network of up to 240 devices. Every fume cupboard has 42 accessible records that make it possible to view the operating parameters. This facilitates communication with BMS and IoT systems.

Close-up of a Burdinola SCAT waste system for fume cupboards

SCAT waste

All chemical waste produced in the laboratories must either be recovered or disposed of by specialist companies expressly authorised by the competent authority to do so.

Prior to the waste being transported, it must be suitably disposed of in appropriate containers for hazardous materials. These containers for the accumulation and transport of waste must be of whatever material and size that is most appropriate to the characteristics of the waste to be transported. They must have a secure locking system, be easily identifiable from each other, and be clearly labelled with the type of substance they contain.

Burdinola provides a range of solutions for collecting liquid waste, and has incorporated different accessories from manufacturers specialising in this sector to cover all the current needs of a laboratory, including waste collection systems for capillary HPLCs.

Close-up of a Burdinola solvent dispensing system for fume cupboards

Solvent dispensing system

Decentralised solution for dispensing solvents. Dispensing must always be carried out in a well-ventilated environment, which ensures the containment of the pollutant generated, protects the user, and includes adequate safety measures in the event of any incident or spillage.

It is recommended that the dispensers be placed in a fume cupboard for solvents suitable for the intended use. The system comprises of the following elements: a ventilated safety cabinet for storing drums. Drum pressurisation system using N2. Drum emptying alarm system.

System for two drums beneath the fume cupboard (1+1)

The system is based on an automatic pressurised dispenser with a nitrogen line and on the supply of solvent from a central point (1+1) that switches from one supply drum to the other when the first one runs out.

Close-up of a Burdinola material pass-through for fume cupboards


The fume cupboard can be fitted with an SAS (Safety Access System) on the side to pass materials to or from the outside. The SAS is made of PMMA (transparent methacrylate), which allows total visibility from both outside and inside the fume cupboard.

Outer dimensions of 360 x 340 x 500 mm. For side-mounting on fume cupboards with a 90º opening through two watertight hatches with safety seals. It is also possible to pass materials from one fume cupboard to another through a communication window located on its side.

It allows materials to be passed through from one work area to another without them coming into contact with the general environment of the laboratory. Made of high-pressure laminate with resistance to chemical attack, and polyethylene guides.

Close-up of a Burdinola filter system for fume cupboards


Filtration unit to be incorporated into fume cupboards with external extraction. The filter may be located directly at the top of the fume cupboard or upstream before the fan. The filter should preferably be located in a place which allows it to capture the pollutant as close as possible to the point of emission.

Recommended for applications where air purification is required prior to release into the atmosphere. The filter will be defined depending on the application to be carried out. Polypropylene housing with access from the front.

Not recommended for use in fume cupboards that work with high concentrations, large quantities, or high thermal loads. In the case of compounds that emit ionizing radiation, see the chapter on the RB and RG model fume cupboards.

Close-up of a Burdinola gas scrubber for fume cupboards

Gas scrubber

Decentralised solution for the elimination of acid and base waste from emissions into the atmosphere from fume cupboards. Its compact design allows the scrubber to be attached to the top of the fume cupboard, cleaning the effluent at the point of emission.

Gases pass through the suction nozzles to the absorption chamber where the diffuser pump draws the scrubber wash water from the bottom of the integrated tank and through injectors, causing a dense fog in the absorption chamber.

This way the harmful gases are optimally mixed with the scrubber wash water and result in highly efficient absorption. The scrubber wash water level is regulated by means of floats. The scrubber wash water is replaced automatically by the unit itself.

Close-up of a Burdinola neutraliser for fume cupboards


Neutralising equipment specially designed to fit beneath a fume cupboard. It can also be used as a stand-alone unit for the automatic neutralisation of acid and alkaline wastewater.

Complies with current European regulations. Acid or alkaline discharges are collected in the mixing chamber of the neutralising equipment. When the maximum level is reached, the neutralisation process begins:

  • The wastewater is mixed intensively.
  • The pH value is measured.
  • The alkaline or acid solution is injected from integrated tanks until a neutral pH value is reached.
  • The neutralised waste is pumped out. It has an electronic control system and complies with the latest European standards.
  • The unit is compact, easy to maintain and extremely robust.
Close-up of Burdinola’s electrical and fluid services for fume cupboards

Electrical and fluid services

eFlex fume cupboards offer great capacity and flexibility for the provision of electrical and fluid services.

This makes it possible to locate services on the sides or at the front beneath the worktop indistinctly. The image shows a eFlex 1800 fume cupboard with a total of 22 service connections - 12 electrical sockets and 10 fluid connections.

General use fume cupboards also allow the installation of IP55 electrical sockets inside with an external switch. This configuration will not be possible for fume cupboards with specific uses, given the risk associated with these due to high temperatures and the presence of solvents or concentrated acids.

Close-up of a storage unit beneath a Burdinola fume cupboard

Storage unit beneath a fume cupboard

We have a wide range of storage units that fit beneath our fume cupboards: storage for acids, acids in PP, solvents, waste, vacuum pumps, etc.

Contact us to find out more about our wide range of accessories.