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Technical Support Service - Breakdown procedure
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The technical support service responds to our customers' needs when they have problems with the collective protection equipment they use in their laboratories or associated facilities.

The assistance offered may be on-site, i.e. we send a technician to the customer's premises, or remote, where the user's or the customer's technician can use a smartphone to connect to a technician in our factory who, using augmented reality but without the need for special glasses, can guide and help them to diagnose the breakdown and, if possible, provide a solution.

We provide this service by offering hourly assistance vouchers which can be spent as needed.

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This service allows us to respond to our customers' requests to implement actions proposed in our verification and maintenance reports, and to define and implement an IoT system.

The aim of the retrofitting we offer is to ensure that any piece of equipment can be fitted with the safety measures that are required by the regulations in force at any given time and to reduce the energy consumption of all the collective protection equipment used in the laboratory, regardless of the manufacturer.

* The most common items of collective protection equipment in a laboratory are fume cupboards (governed by EN 14175), storage cabinets for chemical products (governed by RD 656/17), extraction arms, ventilated enclosures, hoods, laminar flow cabinets, biological safety cabinets, etc.
This also applies to the Burdinola Nano Chamber, the only equipment on the market specifically developed for working with nanoparticles.