Training people who work in laboratories: vital for their own safety.

Types of training

Training on the risks they are exposed to, and on how to use collective safety equipment correctly.

Employee handling a fume cupboard made by Burdinola
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Training aimed at end users of any fume cupboard, regardless of who the manufacturer of the fume cupboard is.

The aim is to make users aware of the functionalities of their fume cupboards and any limitations they may have with respect to the EN 14715 standard, so that they themselves can adapt the way they work in order to be able to do so in complete safety.

Each participant will receive a training certificate in their name for the model of fume cupboard used.

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Training for laboratory and prevention service managers.

The aim is for participants to learn how a laboratory should be designed, the different types of localised extraction, the different types of fume cupboards, the relationship of the air-conditioning system to the fume cupboards, and common practices that should be avoided.

Training is carried out with reference to NTP 373, EN 14175 and RD 656.

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Maintenance personnel

Training for maintenance staff.

The aim is to familiarise personnel with the general principles of how any type of fume cupboard works in order to help them identify the cause of any problems that may arise in the fume cupboard in order to minimise downtime or unsafe operation.

They also receive training on how to use the remote assistance tool using augmented reality and the possibilities of the IoTLab.