Localised extraction
systems and equipment.

Our localised extraction systems allow contaminants to be captured and removed from the working environment in a safe and efficient manner.

Close-up of Burdinola's laboratory enclosures


Although they can be put to the same uses as fume hoods, they also provide a physical barrier for noise reduction. They make it possible to confine extensive work areas, preventing cross-contamination between different analytical techniques.

They are recommended for the evacuation of non-toxic fumes and heat from a work area in order to prevent dispersion into the laboratory atmosphere.

They are not recommended for use with toxic compounds that emit ionising radiation, concentrated acids with a high thermal load, or pathogens. They are available in standard modules of 900-1500 mm, with three configuration options: sash, hinged or sliding. They include lighting and an on-off switch on the side. From an energy consumption point of view we recommend the VAV version, which is available in variable flow and constant flow versions.

Close-up of a Burdinola ventilated hood for laboratories

Ventilated hood

Recommended for capturing fumes and gases from hot oil or water baths, heating plates, muffles, stoves and chromatography, as well as any application that generates heat or non-toxic vapour. Not recommended for use with toxic compounds that emit ionising radiation, concentrated acids with a high thermal load, or pathogens. Wall- or ceiling-mounted.

They come in standard modules of 900-1500 mm, with two choices of material, PP or stainless steel. Optionally they can be equipped with a side enclosure to optimise air consumption.

Close-up of a Burdinola atomic absorption hood for laboratories

Atomic absorption hood

Specially designed to extract combustion fumes and flame vapours. Can also be used in graphite furnaces for atomic absorption instruments to prevent the atoms from spreading into the general laboratory environment. Designed for wall/ceiling installation. It consists of:

  • a collection hood. This is the part of the system through which pollutants are captured.
  • A telescopic duct makes it possible to adjust the intake height which in turn adjusts the air velocity in accordance with the requirements of the equipment.

Any component that might enter into contact with naked flames is made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

Close-up of Burdinola’s articulated arms for laboratories

Articulated arms

The installation of individual suction systems allows localised collection from the emitting source and prevents the dispersion of polluted air into the work area. We offer a wide range of collectors for the suction arm which makes it possible to choose exactly the right model for every workplace and pollutant.

Once they have been put in place, the suction arms are held in position by an internal compensation system. The longest models are fitted with external gas dampers. This design makes the arm very user-friendly and it is really easy to direct it onto the contaminating source during the work process. SYSTEM 100 is suitable for intake air flow rates between 140 and 400 m3/h. It covers a wide range of possibilities up to 2,630 mm. SYSTEM 75 mm is suitable for air intake flow rates between 80 and 180 m3/h. The reach of the standard arms in the SYSTEM 75 range covers a wide spectrum of possibilities up to 1990 mm.

Close-up of Burdinola’s laminar flow cabinets for laboratories.

Laminar flow cabinets

Horizontal laminar flow systems provide a sterile, particle-free work space thanks to their continuous sweeping of the area with a unidirectional airflow. These cabinets are especially designed for handling samples in hospital clinics, pharmacies, IVF, food control, in vitro culture in horticulture, electronics, optics, plastic, etc. The Aeolus range has been designed and manufactured to provide a working area in accordance with ISO 14644-1 (Class 5) GMP Annex 1 (Grade A). We offer a wide range of accessories and options to adapt this cabinet to all manner of applications.

Sterile vertical laminar flow cabinets are particularly suitable for handling non-pathogenic biological samples, cell and tissue cultures, microbiological controls, preparation of pharmaceutical products, etc., and also for use in electronics and optics departments. The vertical laminar flow system makes it possible to work in sterile, particle-free conditions via the continuous sweeping principle, thus providing total protection for the product and basic protection for the operator.

Close-up of Burdinola's biosafety cabinets for laboratories.

Biosafety cabinets

The biosafety cabinet is designed to work with level 1, 2 and 3 pathogens, providing protection to the product, the operator and the environment. These cabinets are independently tested and certified by TÜV Nord to ensure they comply with the EN 12469 standard for Class II biosafety cabinets. They meet the main requirements of NSF 49/ANSI 49 (Class II A2), JIS K3800, SFDA YY-0569 y AS2252.

  • 10º sloping front for improved work position.
  • Sealing gasket for the frontal glass.
  • Sliding and hinged frontal glass driven by external pneumatic pistons that facilitate interior maintenance and cleaning and allow the insertion of bulky elements and accessories into the chamber.
  • Microprocessor control with self-compensation to ensure the filter does not get clogged up.
  • Control panel with international colour coding indicating the status of the cabinet.
  • Main screen providing the laminar flow rate and the filter clogging status.
  • Eco-mode function.
  • Timer and time programmer for UV and fans.
Close-up of Burdinola’s centrifugal fans for corrosive fume extractions for laboratories

Centrifugal fans for corrosive fume extractions:

Enclosed fan and turbine with polypropylene blades. It moves air at a maximum temperature of -20ºC +70ºC. The standard motors are three-phase 230/400 V motors with a frequency of 50 Hz up to 5.5 HP and 400/690 V and 50 Hz for power above 5.5 HP. Class F insulation and IP 55 protection. If necessary, we can supply the motor with category 3-ATEX certification.

Close-up of Burdinola’s low pressure fans for laboratories

Low pressure fans

Fully injection moulded fans. The UV-resistant polypropylene housing can be positioned at 8 different angles. High performance polypropylene turbine with blades curved forward, statically and dynamically balanced, with a reinforced hub. Anti-corrosive seal against the risk of gas leakage. Available with a three-phase, single-phase, adjustable, EEx-d or two-speed motor, IP55 protection.

Close-up of a Burdinola centrifugal fan with housing and turbine in sheet steel for laboratories

Centrifugal fans with housing and turbine in sheet steel:

It moves air at a maximum temperature of -20ºC +120ºC, and at a maximum of +100ºC in the case of the CMP-38 model. The standard motors are three-phase 230/400 V motors with a frequency of 50 Hz up to 5.5 HP and 400/690 V and 50 Hz for power greater than 5.5 HP. Class F insulation and IP55 protection, except for single-phase models which have IP 54 protection, and CPM-38 models which have IP 21 protection. If necessary, we can supply the motor with category 2-ATEX certification for atmospheres.