Safe and strong
laboratory furniture

Strength, quality and durability, safety, ease of maintenance and cleaning are the main advantages of our range of laboratory furniture. In addition to all of the above, we can also provide a great deal of aesthetic customisation which allows us to add a unique, distinctive style to the different work environments and to streamline the work that goes on in the laboratory.

Our furniture is also very versatile and the different spaces can be reconfigured and expanded over time depending on how their use changes or expands, which extends the life of the laboratory furniture and provides maximum flexibility of use in the medium and long term. In addition, the Burdinola team has also kept sustainable scientific environments very much in mind, as our entire line of laboratory furniture was created in accordance with sustainability and eco-design criteria, both in terms of the materials used and the manufacturing process.

The high quality of our laboratory furniture manufactured using only the best materials, unmatched in sturdiness and durability paying attention to the smallest detail, is testimony to our pride as a manufacturer.

Our range of laboratory furniture consists of:

Laboratory benches

We have a wide variety of centre, wall and mobile benches and tables, which come in a wide range of finishes, dimensions and frames in each case. A whole host of possibilities are available to give each room a distinctive aesthetic depending on its intended purpose, yet at the same time integrated into the laboratory furniture as a whole, thus retaining an overall visual identity with very much its own personality.

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Office equipped with Burdinola furniture

Service Systems

Not only does our range of service systems (overhead, bridge, front, tabletop, column) offer a wide variety of highly versatile solutions, but also a wealth of functional and aesthetic components that make it possible to customise each facility and to thereby achieve a comfortable and safe working environment where space is maximised to the utmost.

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Close-up of laboratory furniture in a Burdinola service system.

Storage units

We have a wide range of cabinets for the storage of chemical products. Safety cabinets manufactured to the most demanding standards.

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A scientist using Burdinola storage units

Accessories for laboratory furniture

We have a range of accessories for our laboratory furniture: adding them to your workplace will make it much easier for users to carry out their work.

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Image of a laboratory room with shelves produced by Burdinola.