We know that the key lies in global solutions, carefully planned down to the smallest detail.

IoTLab environment

Burdinola has created this environment given the enormous importance of device connectivity, sensorization and monitoring in today's (lab) world :

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Remote support

IoTLab allows us to monitor a laboratory's operational status along with its efficiency and safety anywhere in the world and act accordingly.

It can be viewed from any device (smartphone, tablet, computer, etc.) and can be configured to meet the requirements of each customer. The application is simple, efficient and secure. Because Burdinola Service is able to analyse data immediately (in real time?), we can anticipate and resolve an incident even before users realise that it has occurred.

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Both the overall (global) as well as safety of devices of laboratory environments is of utmost importance. Burdinola is therefore expanding its range of sensors (air pollutants (vapours?), particles, CO2, etc.) in order to provide comprehensive laboratory monitoring.

This monitors the level of pollutants in real time, making it possible to detect any excess over and above the recommended level.

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Operational efficiency

Monitoring the use of laboratory resources makes it possible to measure and organise them in order to optimise their use. By doing so, we are able to maximise the operational efficiency of the laboratory.

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Energy efficiency

At Burdinola we are particularly sensitive to the issue of sustainability given the high energy consumption of fume cupboards. The creation of the IoTLab environment is a significant step towards increased energy efficiency.

An IoTLab makes it possible to monitor the energy consumption of each fume cupboard in real time in order to be able to assess how to make the best possible use of the cupboard: favouring their use at more energy-efficient times, establishing usage patterns, adapting the closing of the sashes to the specific work process, etc.

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Customised solutions

Burdinola's IoT platform can be customised to each user’s specific needs, both in terms of content as well as visual format (alphanumeric, graphic, etc.).

The display panel thus adapts to the customer's workflow, allowing it to be integrated into the user's day-to-day routine.