The purpose of the Nano chamber is to allow technicians to handle and weigh nanomaterials in a safe way. Thanks to its innovative design, not only does it prevent the release of nanomaterials into the laboratory atmosphere, it also prevents the dispersion, agglomeration, loss and degradation of samples, thereby ensuring that their properties are not altered.

The aerodynamic design makes it possible to obtain unique results on the market in terms of containment and energy efficiency. Its generous and practical interior capacity – the cabin is 1,045 mm tall - and its glass top permits total visibility of the tests that are being carried out inside.

Close-up of a Burdinola Nano chamber

Maximum Safety
for the user and the specimen

Details of the steel structure of a Burdinola Nano chamber

Robustness and safety

Steel structure. Safety elements to prevent explosions.

Close-up of the vertical flow in a Burdinola Nano chamber


Vertical multi-laminar flow. 100% containment.

Close-up of the interior space in a Burdinola nano chamber


Large interior space. The sash can be opened by as much as 500 mm.

Close-up of the steel structure of a Burdinola Nano chamber

Double filtering and efficiency

Incorporating the Caresafe Curtain® system patented by Burdinola.

All the advantages
of the new Nano chamber.

1. Maximum safety

Maximum safety for users and the working atmosphere in all nano applications, both when handling materials during tests and when using analytical equipment.

  • Containment, robustness and efficiency. 100% efficiency in terms of containment for all sample types and sizes, even in the event of adverse external factors.
  • The use of vertical laminar flow and the fact that the chamber operates at low air velocities means that no turbulence is generated which avoids the risk of nanomaterials being released to the outside.
  • External air extraction, thereby preventing nanomaterials from being recirculated in the room.
  • Double air filtration system.

2. No alteration of properties

The properties of the sample are not altered as the sample is neither dispersed nor agglomerated.

  • Turbulence is prevented, thanks to the vertical laminar flow system.

3. Energy efficiency

Operates at very low air speeds: < 0.2 m/s compared to the 0.35 m/s - 0.45 m/s required in other systems. 230 m3/hour* m.

4. Containment robustness

Containment robustness tests, specifically for nanoparticle applications.

Our chamber exceeds the requirements laid down in EN 14175-3.

  • Static and dynamic containment tests as per EN 14175-3.
  • Static containment tests with dummy variables as per EN 14175-3.

Tests adapted to nano technology.

  • Containment robustness tests.
  • Tests of adapted procedures involving nanoparticles.

5. Multi-function

Chamber designed for working with nanoparticles that also includes a weighing table (up to 6 digits of precision).

6. Ergonomics

  • The sash can be opened by as much as 500 mm, compared to the 200 mm range of other units.
  • Contactless motorised sash.
  • Large interior work space: practical interior space based on modules: 1200/1500 mm x 560 mm x 1045 mm.

7. Robust chamber

Robust chamber in the event of an explosion. Steel structure and 15 cm side wall vs the 2 cm of traditional booths.

Burdinola Nano Chamber