Latis Scientific Analysing water

The new Latis Scientific building, which is dedicated to analysing water, engaged Burdinola to supply and install the equipment for the different research areas located in the building.

Latis Scientific is also part of the multinational laboratory services company, LABAQUA, which is committed to the environment and has a global presence.

The project

Latis Scientific is a market-leading provider of laboratory services to a wide range of industries. They are strongly oriented towards high-level technical and consultancy work, putting a premium on the quality of the science they do.

They are based in London and have an extensive network of partner laboratories throughout the UK which provide the same quality of service, regardless of the level of analysis required or location.

Burdinola was awarded the contract to equip the different research spaces in the new 2-storey building. It should be noted that Green Cycle fume cupboards, and recirculation fume cupboards with an integrated filtration system were specially designed for and installed in those spaces where flexibility is key.

  • GreenCycle fume cupboards from Latis Scientific laboratories designed and implemented by Burdinola
  • Interior image of the Latis Scientific laboratories equipped by Burdinola