CI2A Alcalá Interdisciplinary Research Centre

Burdinola has been commissioned to design, manufacture, install and equip the new centre of the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). The Alcalá Interdisciplinary Research Centre (CI2A) is the largest CSIC building constructed in the last 10 years.

The project

This is a complex project of approximately 38,000 square metres of research spaces; spaces equipped by Burdinola with laboratory furniture, fume cupboards and other extraction equipment of its own manufacture. 

This health-oriented centre is made up of the Cajal Institute, CSIC, the Institute of General Organic Chemistry (IQOG-CSIC) and the Institute of Medical Chemistry (IQM-CSIC). Once these institutes are definitively installed on the Campus of the University of Alcalá, CI2A will also be integrated by the Cajal International NeuroScience Center (CINC-CSIC).