EHU/UPV University of the Basque Country Science Park

Burdinola designed and installed the 3 laboratory buildings in the Leioa Science Park: the “Maria Goyri” Biotechnology Centre, the “Martina Casiano” Technology Platform and the CSIC Biophysics Unit.

The project

“Maria Goyri” Animal Biotechnology Centre

The “Maria Goyri” Animal Biotechnology Centre has a total constructed floor area of more than 10,600 m2 and is dedicated to research in the areas of biomedicine, food science and sustainable ecosystems. The centre will also house the analytical and high-resolution microscopy units used in biomedicine and proteomics. 

As a supplier approved by this entity to equip all the laboratories on the Bizkaia Campus, the Burdinola team was responsible for supplying the furniture for the different research facilities located in this new building. 

“Martina Casiano” Technology Platform

The Martina Casiano Technology Platform is dedicated to Materials Science and Technology and is home to experts dedicated to studying new materials and nanostructures. The Magnetic Measurement Units and the Central Analysis Service will also be located there. 

With a total floor area of more than 10,500 m2, the infrastructure includes a Central Analysis Service on the first floor, a space for instrumental equipment dedicated to spectrophotometry and chromatography analyses; preparatory rooms will be installed on the first and second floors, where samples are cleaned and prepared; and instrument rooms on the ground, first and second floors, where bulky instrumental gas analysis equipment with pre-installation and high electrical power requirements will be located.

Biophysics unit (UPV-CSIC)

The Institute of Biophysics, a centre in partnership with the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), is home to teams of scientists researching biological membranes, their components and the relationships between them using advanced biophysical techniques. 

The building has a floor area of 11,700 m2, of which 6,000 m2 are used for laboratories. 

As a result, the Biophysics Unit is aiming to become one of the leading biophysics institutions in Europe.

  • Benches with service systems at the UPV/EHU.
  • Bench with a central washing unit at the UPV/EHU research laboratories