22 November 2022

Burdinola and its commitment to photovoltaic self consumption

This investment is part of an ambitious plan to reduce energy dependency and improve sustainability

Burdinola_Photovoltaic self consumption

Recently, and coinciding with the International Day against Climate Change, the photovoltaic self-consumption plant has been in operation for one year since its installation. We installed a 123 kW (250 #solarpanels) to reduce energy dependence and improve sustainability, covering the 34 % of the plant's current energy demand, improving the expected generation forecasts.

Not only we have had electricity self-consumption and economic savings from the surplus injected into the grid, the most important thing is that we have avoided the emission of 56 tons of CO2, the equivalent of burning 47 tons of coal or the fact of having planted 77 trees.

The company is also contributing to the achievement of the SDG´s, specifically with Goal12 that ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns and Goal13 which urges to take immediate action to fight against climate change and its impact.

This investment in renewables is a further step in sustainable development that seeks to achieve eco-efficiency in facilities and processes, in balance with the environment.


Burdinola_Photovoltaic self consumption