24 November 2022

Burdinola participates in the Basque Circular Summit

This congress makes the Basque Country a European reference in terms of circular economy and focuses on its application in the business fabric.

Basque Circular Summit  2022_Burdinola

Burdinola has been one of the companies attending the official opening ceremony of the Basque Circular Summit 2022, organized by the public company Ihobe, with the collaboration of the SPRI group. From November 23 to 25, representatives of the European Commission, large Basque companies, various clusters, technology centers, and universities participate in this forum.

At the opening of the meeting, Arantxa Tapia, Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and the Environment, highlighted the strong commitment that the Basque industry maintains with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and highlighted the strategic importance of applying a circular economy model to achieve the objectives set by Europe, "something that our companies are already doing" she specified.

At the same time, the Zirkularrak exhibition is held, with 175 eco-designed products manufactured in the Basque Country, which is the largest sample of circular products in Europe.

Burdinola shows its good practice in this regard with its current range of fume cupboards and laboratory furniture, thus giving visibility to its transition process towards a circular economy model, placing products on the market with less environmental impact over time throughout its life cycle and maintaining its commitment to a more sustainable and competitive business model.

This congress allows companies make aware of the lines of work proposed by the European Commission, as well as the challenges that companies will have to face in the short term, such as the new ecodesign regulation for sustainable products, the implementation of a passport digital product or the new European directive on corporate information on sustainability, recently approved by the European Parliament.