20 January 2023

Burdinola is committed to society and the environment.

Students visiting our facilities is our way to get closer to the community and the environment, as well as to make our business and values known.

Recently students from the surrounding area have been visiting our facilities. At the end of the year, students of high school from the Ikastola of Lekeitio came here with the main objective of learning about the functioning of a cooperative, our mission, vision, values, organization, etc. Besides, this week they came here students who are studying the training cycle of Administration and Finance in Mutriku BHI. They came with the aim of knowing how our company works, processes, organization, as well as to know how we apply the latest technology to our products. 

In both cases, they were introduced the company with a presentatin, followed by a visit to our facilities, production site and showroom.  This kind of visit is always intended to be very participative and dynamic.

This type of events are part of our commitment to attract talent from the region, while creating wealth in our environment.