13 February 2023

Burdinola closes 2022 with a 70% increase in turnover and further increases its leadership in its strategic markets

With a solid financial position and a turnover of 24 million € in 2022, Burdinola consolidates its leadership.

The accumulated growth in recent years has led Burdinola S.Coop, a company dedicated to comprehensive laboratory projects, to increase its turnover from €9 million in 2016 to €24 million in 2022. Its current workforce has grown from 89 to 130 people, approximately 75% of whom are indirect staff. The geographical diversity of its projects means that today it has 5 branches in Spain, as well as subsidiaries in France, the United Kingdom, Benelux, Italy and the UAE, in addition to branches in Mexico, Peru and Colombia and distributors in many countries. With all this, Burdinola has carried out more than 7500 laboratory projects in more than 50 countries.  

In a sector in which in recent years some companies have suffered large losses in turnover and profitability, some even disappearing, Burdinola is currently the absolute leader in the national market and the leader in private projects in countries such as France, Belgium, Colombia and Peru. Its financial situation is very solid, an aspect that is highly valued by its clients.

Looking ahead to 2023, the forecast is also very promising for Burdinola, as it has already captured important projects worldwide. Likewise, this year the new strategic plan for the next 4 years will be implemented. For Burdinola, a cooperative society located in Amoroto (Bizkaia), the focus is on innovation, 4.0 investments and people.

With a clear focus on promoting user safety and differentiating itself through the quality of the project and the products that make it up, the degree of customer satisfaction is currently Burdinola's strongest point. They work closely with the customer, assessing the needs of the spaces in each type of laboratory and of the people who carry out their activities in them. They strive at all times to ensure that the laboratories, as well as being efficient and safe, are pleasant work spaces where researchers enjoy their work.

As a benchmark company in its sector, its innovative activity has been maintained since its origins. We highlight its latest innovations worldwide, the Nano Chamber and the Api Chamber, new equipment for working safely with nanoparticles and active pharmaceutical ingredients respectively. 

Pioneers in the application of sustainable criteria and faithful to their circular economy model, they put products on the market with a lower environmental impact throughout their life cycle, maintaining their commitment to a more sustainable and competitive business model.

And finally, as a sign of its commitment to society and researchers, Burdinola will hold the 20th edition of the Burdinola Research Award in 2023, a private initiative that seeks to stimulate and boost research activity in Spain.