15 October 2021

Burdinola becomes an innovation leader, recognised by Innobasque, Basque Innovation Agency

This status is awarded to leading companies in their sectors that systematically plan their innovative activity and collaborate with other agents to implement innovations in their products, processes, organisational structure and market reach.

Image the Faes Farma Laboratories designed and installed by Burdinola, leader in innovation recognized by Innobasque

Recognition of innovation is an in-depth analysis that Innobasque carries out to find out the level of innovation in companies, identifying areas for improvement and the barriers, challenges and areas of interest for each specific case.

Burdinola obtained an overall score of 91.56 out of 100 points in 2021, based on a scoring system set up to reflect company's degree of progress in the different areas that define its level of innovation. Therefore, Burdinola obtained the highest level, according to a 4-level rating (level of reaction, caution, dynamism and leadership).

In the last three years, Burdinola has strengthened its position as an innovator, going from an overall score of 79.16 points (out of 100) for the innovation profile carried out in January 2018 to 91.56 points obtained this time, an increase of 15%, which further strengthens its profile as a leading company in terms of innovation.

In fact, Burdinola has made progress in all areas of innovation, except product innovation, where it still managed to achieve its maximum score (100), as this is a critical area for the company. It has made significant efforts to further improve its value proposal to the market with the launch of new cutting-edge products such as the Nano Chamber.

This is only confirmation of Burdinola's innovative activity, a benchmark company in its sector that has the resources and capabilities to innovate and continues to be committed to innovation.