12 February 2024

Burdinola closes 2023 with an 11% increase in turnover and faces the new strategic plan 2024-2027 with a solid financial situation

It has its most important asset in the satisfaction of its customers, being able to demonstrate that 100% of the customers who have responded to the satisfaction survey in the last 8 years would recommend Burdinola.

Burdinola, a company dedicated to laboratory projects in different sectors and manufacturer of safety equipment such as fume cupboards and technical laboratory furniture, consolidates its leadership by closing the 2023 financial year with an increase in turnover of 11%, which represents an increase of 60% in the last 4 years and 300% in the last 8 years. 

The new strategic plan for the period 2024-2027 has recently been approved, the main axes of which are its constant innovative activity, strengthening the new Design & Build concept, doubling Burdinola Service, diversification and intrapreneurship and consolidation in key markets and the opening of new subsidiaries.

The company's profitability and financial situation is a strong point that gives confidence to its demanding customers all over the world. As a benchmark company in its sector, its innovative activity has been maintained since its origins with more than 7000 product references, being one of the main axes of the new strategic plan. Fume cupboards are one of Burdinola's hallmarks and the maximum expression of its technological capacity. The new top-level range of eFlex fume cupboards combines the concepts of efficiency, eco-design, flexibility and connectivity. The new Burdinola fume cupboards have been tested in test laboratories in the most complex conditions and subjected to demanding tests with an excellent response, resulting in a safe and efficient operation.

We also highlight its latest innovations worldwide, the Nano Chamber and the Api Chamber, new equipment to work safely with nanoparticles and active pharmaceutical ingredients respectively. The latter, together with the ventilated weighing table, are new developments focused on the pharmaceutical sector where Burdinola seeks to position itself as a reference partner in equipment for the pharmaceutical industry. With these new developments, Burdinola consolidates even more in the pharmaceutical industry.

Another axis of the new strategic plan focuses on Design & Build projects. This new methodology created by Burdinola and which has success cases in clients such as Faes Farma or Moderna, is having a total satisfaction among its clients. Burdinola assumes responsibility for the globality of the project in all its phases, functioning as a unique partner for its clients, leading from the design to the integral execution of projects from a perspective of excellence and professionalism.

Burdinola Service, on the other hand, is the result of Burdinola's commitment to safety as the brand's main hallmark and differentiation. It is a division dedicated to reinforcing the safety and efficiency of laboratories through a range of specialised services covering audits, verifications, maintenance and/or after-sales service.  The new strategic plan strengthens this business unit, which is expected to double its current turnover by 2027, as it will also provide service to equipment not manufactured by Burdinola.

The aim is to increase its leadership in its strategic markets and to offer new solutions to its customers. Burdinola is currently the absolute leader in the national market and leader in private projects in countries such as France, Belgium, Colombia and Peru. The geographical diversity of its projects means that it currently has 5 branches in Spain, as well as subsidiaries in France, Benelux, Italy, Dubai, Mexico, Peru and Colombia and distributors in many countries. The new strategic plan also focuses on new markets where new subsidiaries are expected to be created. To date, Burdinola has carried out more than 8000 projects in more than 50 countries and its most important asset is the satisfaction of its customers. It can demonstrate that 100% of the customers who have responded to the satisfaction survey over the last 8 years would recommend Burdinola.