LUCIA University of Valladolid

The LUCIA Building, located on the Miguel Delibes Campus of the University of Valladolid, hosts laboratories for nutrition, metabolic disorders and communication and information technologies.

It is a lab building with spaces for spin-offs related to nutrition, food and dietetics (2,100 m2), metabolic disorders (2,100 m2) and the development of the digital knowledge society (950 m2). There is a total floor space of 7,500 m2. Burdinola was responsible for equipping almost 5,000 m2 of laboratories and also contributed to the LEED Platinum certification for sustainable buildings awarded to the building.

The project

As well as being a functional, advanced infrastructure for applied scientific research, the LUCIA Building is a benchmark in energy efficiency and sustainable architecture. It was recently certified the most sustainable construction in Europe and the second worldwide. It is the highest LEED Platinum rating for a new-build property in Europe and the entire northern hemisphere, including the United States.

The various laboratories in the LUCIA Building, which has a total floor space of 5,000 m2 and is equipped with Burdinola furniture,  are used for a variety of multidisciplinary research projects under the auspices of the University of Valladolid (medicine, engineering, etc.).

It should be noted that Burdinola contributed to the achievement of this LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Platinum certification for sustainable buildings thanks to its facilities.

  • Central benches with storage units on wheels and suspended in the laboratories of the University of Valladolid designed by Burdinola
  • Interior image of the University of Valladolid laboratory with extraction fume cupboards designed and implemented by Burdinola